Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mid-Year Review

J.Crew Cardigan/ Banana Dress/ J.Crew Belt/ Boutique 9 shoes from Forever XXI Flower
Messy Jess C. is now seven and a half months old. I can't believe how quickly 2012 is flying by! Anyhow, today seems like as good a day as any for a mid-year review on how well I am doing on the reason I started this blog - to meet my 30 goals for 2012.

Now, a list of 30 things is pretty ambitious, but it's not impossible and I am happy to report there are lots of things I have already accomplished, or am in the process of accomplishing since the start of the year.

I have definitely become a better cook and have been able to bake more, as evidenced by the number of recipes I have made myself on my What's Cookin' page and the fact that the food I make disappears. As far as eating fewer sweets, I still have my moments, and several weaknesses, but I am better about choosing healthier options to satisfy my sweet tooth like fruit, frozen yogurt with healthy toppings (again, not always), and small portions of dark chocolate instead of always choosing cupcakes, cake, and ice cream.

I am constantly working on my goal of saving more and spending less, but my 30 for 30s, no spend days, eating more meals at home, and making saving a priority is definitely helping me on this front. Of course, I am a self-admitting J.Crew addict, so I am still working on that.

While work and life in general still have a tendency to get between our schedules, Jesse and I have been working on spending more time together. We took a staycation early in the year, we traveled to Key West for a family wedding, we do our best to have a date night each week, we make more meals together, workout together, and we just spent a week in California to celebrate our upcoming Anniversary.


Speaking of our vacation, as evidenced by the suitcase and toiletry case I rarely unpack, I have been traveling a lot! In fact, I have only been in DC about 4 weekends total since mid-March. Nuts. Although I will probably never pack my schedule like this ever again, I have had some exciting trips - some to see friends, some to see family, some with Jesse, some for running, and some for work.

I am also writing more because of this blog and learning more about taking and editing photos so I can check 8, 9, and 11 off the list.

As you may recall, I also learned how to use a curling iron earlier this year - a very exciting accomplishment for me since it only took me 30 years to master.

As for yoga and biking. I have done both a few times this year, including a trip to Yogaville with Laura J. (also the strangest place we have ever been in our lives), but I am looking forward to doing more of both, especially heading into the cooler weather and colors of fall.

I am working on a lot of other numbers on the list also, but there are some items on the list I haven't even come close to accomplishing like catching up on episodes of True Blood, worrying less, getting more sleep, and reading a classic, but I figure I still have nearly five months to cross those off my list.

Have any of you reevaluated your new year resolutions? What have you accomplished? Where is there room for improvement?

Messy Jess C.

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  1. Sounds like you are doing well! It really helps to keep track of goals throughout the year.