Thursday, March 1, 2012

The End.

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Gap Turtleneck (similar)/ Thrifted Pencil Skirt (similar)/ Target Tights (similar)/ Black Pumps c/o Ilyssa (similar)/ NY and Co. Bracelets (similar)
 Well friends, it's been fun, but today marks the end of my Winter 30 for 30.

Like my first 30 for 30 this past Fall, some days of this challenge were a lot easier than others. In hindsight, I think I could have picked items that were a bit more diverse - picking two gray sweaters and two pair of black pants (three if you count my jeans, and one as part of a suit I didn't end up wearing) didn't make much sense. Also, at the beginning of my 30 days I loved my black jeans, and now I am not sure I will be wearing them again any time soon. They have faded over time to more of a dark gray, and I swear they felt smaller every time I wore them this past month. I also picked a few pieces, like my pink skirt and white sweater, that may have been better choices for the Spring, and other items I included in the 30 items I never ended up wearing.

Still, I liked the majority of outfits I came up with and I am proud of myself for not spending any money on clothes in the past month.

I have to say, I am quite excited, giddy in fact, to begin wearing some other clothes and picking up a few select pieces in the coming weeks while staying on a budget. Stay tuned.

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  1. Congrats on finishing your 30 for 30! I really admire you for doing the challenge..I'm not sure I could do it! I love your chevron tights for a hint of texture to this outfit.

    The Tiny Heart

  2. Congrats on finishing - I have never tried a 30 x 30 and am always impressed by those who do!