Monday, March 26, 2012

Tutorial: How to Tour Washington, D.C. Landmarks in Under and Hour

I love Washington, DC I have lived in this fine city for 13 years. I was lucky enough to attend college here, and now work here - the capitol of our wonderful country, a city filled with so much history, monuments, memorials, thousands of interesting people, tasty restaurants, and amazing running trails and routes.

Sometimes I get wrapped up in daily tasks and take living here for granted, so with the arrival of Cherry Blossom season, I decided to put on my tourist hat and begin tackling number 18 of my 30 for 2012 list - Tour DC more often.

I should also mention how much I love smartphones. I mean, it's pretty amazing that you can take high quality pictures, access tons of data, and call and text people with one little device.

Finally, you already know how much I love running.

Earlier this week I combined all of these things into one for this tutorial on how to tour Washington, DC landmarks in under an hour. All you need to follow this tutorial is a smartphone and a good pair of running shoes. Actually, come to think of it, this is a pretty good way to tour any place you are interested in seeing lots of in a short amount of time.


Step 1: lace up your running shoes

Step 2: make sure your phone is in hand and fully charged

Step 3: begin running and stop whenever you see a photo op you would like to take advantage of

That's basically all you have to do and you should end up with results like this:

 National Mall:

 Tidal Basin and Cherry Blossoms:

 Jefferson Memorial:

 George Mason Memorial:
 More Tidal Basin:

 FDR Memorial:

MLK Memorial:

 Korean War Memorial:
 Lincoln Memorial:

 Vietnam Memorial:

 World War II Memorial

 Washington Monument:
 Old Executive Office Building and the White House:
(Sorry - didn't know I could zoom on the phone)
 The U.S. Capitol:
(My personal favorite)

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  1. So fun! I'm impressed that you evidently managed to catch the blossoms at a less crowded time. And I loved doing a very similar run when I was training!

    lace, etc.