Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Take II

Bloomingdales Blazer/ Ann Taylor Loft Top (similar)/ Ann Taylor Pants/ Guess Shoes from
I had every intention of posting regularly this week, but that changed when my car died this past weekend.

My car, Blue, had been making a noise that had progressively gotten louder over the last few...months. I took it into the shop on Saturday and was assured the problem was fixed. It just needed a few "clicks."

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. After running a 20 mile race on Sunday, I went to start Blue and all I heard were a few clicks. My car's battery had died. When the battery was replaced, my car was still growling at me, so I ended up missing work on Monday to head back to the car place where I found out that my engine mount was broken and my car was missing two clips somewhere in the back. Awesome.

A large sum of money later, Blue is back in business. I am back in DC and I'm once again dedicated to Messy Jess C.
Messy Jess C.
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  1. Car trouble is no fun! I hope it is done causing problems for a long while!