Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Double Agent

Nordstrom Rack Dress/ Target Tights/ Me Too Shoes from DSW/ J.Crew Necklace
I bought this dress out of necessity. Since I haven't gone to many weddings, besides my own, in the last couple of years, (and I really didn't think that dress would be appropriate) I didn't own anything wedding-appropriate. Being close to the end of the pay period, I also didn't have much money to throw around. So, I set off for Nordstrom Rack the Thursday before the Sunday afternoon wedding.

I tried on what felt like a million dresses that were either too formal for the occasion, didn't fit right, or were not in my price range (under $100) before stumbling upon this dress.

I knew after trying it on (and texting a picture of me in the dress to my sister and Laura J.) this was the one. I was also excited about the dress because it would pack easily (this was the weekend of a marathon, birthday party, and wedding in three different locations), it could also serve as a work dress, and it would cost me $40, well within my price range.

The dress was a success at the wedding and worked nicely two days later when I wore it to work with my maroon tights.

Anyhow, Happy Halloween! Hope you all have a safe and happy holiday. See you tomorrow.

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