Thursday, November 1, 2012


J.Crew Sweater/ Forever XXI Flower/ Thrifted Skirt/ Boutique 9 Shoes
After spending several days indoors because of Sandy without much exercise, I decided to try out the 15 minute "tone at home" workout from the November Women's Health magazine:

I figured 15 minutes was better than no workout at all and I could top it off with some On Demand yoga and abs.

The gist of the workout is that you do the first move for 30 seconds, the second move for 30 seconds, rest for a minute and repeat those two moves three times, then you follow the same pattern for the second two moves. It seemed straightforward enough and 30 seconds a move didn't seem too hard...until I began.

After the first set of moves I was already out of breath and by round two I was sweating profusely and knew I would be sore because of the workout. By last night, my arms and legs hurt badly enough that when I dropped a piece of paper on the floor I had to call Jesse in from the other room to pick it up for me. And today, I shuffled around the office like a little old lady.

Needless to say, Women's Health kicked my butt. My body feels like a bowl of Jell-O.

So while I am back on my sofa, this time waiting for my muscles to recover, rather than a storm to pass, I thought I would share some pre-Sandy outfit pics - before our backyard turned into a lake and only half the leaves were blown off the trees.

Messy Jess C.
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