Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Spring 30 for 30 - Outfit 8
J.Crew Top/ AT Pants (similar)/ Thrifted Nine West Pumps (similar)/ Borrowed Necklace (similar)
I am an educated woman. I would even consider myself to be a smart woman, but that doesn't mean that I am always on the ball.

When I interviewed for GW, I was asked what I remembered most about my visit to GW. I answered "the warthog statue," which was followed up by the admissions counselor asking me "what warthog statue?" - turns out, it was a hippo.

When I received my "offer of admissions" from GW, I read "Office of Admissions" and couldn't tell if I got in.

I once showed up to a cross country meet without my running shoes.

When I first began working on Capitol Hill, I couldn't understand why my legs hurt so badly until I realized I was wearing one blue and one black shoe of different heights.

Recently I misspelled a word in a form that went out firm-wide in which I had intended to write "blind" but instead wrote "bling."

And yesterday I attempted to send an email to a colleague with a very similar name to another colleague, who just so happens to be a vice president I wouldn't normally email about lunch, with a very straightforward email about getting lunch at a place nearby and bringing it back to the office where I would eat in the lunch room and see them there. Doh.

Please tell me I am not the only one this stuff happens to, because I am beginning to think I am.

Messy Jess C.

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