Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Favorites

It's Friday friends and you know what that means...time for Friday Favorites. Here are my favorites from around the web this week. Have a great weekend!

If you haven't read this fantastic article from the Atlantic on why women can't have it all written by Anne-Marie Slaughter who served as the first woman director of policy planning at the State Department for the past two years, it's worth taking time out of your day to read.

Is everybody getting excited for the 4th of July? It's one of my favorite holidays! That and Thanksgiving. Obviously, I am proud to be an American. I would also be proud to eat these cupcakes from Bird on a Cake to show my patriotic spirit - and they are healthy because they are topped with a strawberry - never mind that it's coated in several layers of sugar.

Speaking of the 4th, how many of you are planning on sitting back, relaxing, and celebrating with a nice ice cold... cider? For tips, reviews, recipes, and everything else cider, check out and follow Cider Revival penned by my very good friends Jenée and Matt.

While drinking my cider I picture myself wearing this rock star American Flag scarf from Mod Cloth. So cute.
Speaking of cute, I love this bag from oBaz - especially because it's part yellow. Perfect for the summer!
Once I find a meal I like, I have the tendency to eat it over and over until I get sick of it. This is especially true for the salads I eat for lunch. At one point I ate the same salad for the better part of four years - no joke. Thankfully, I can continue my love for salads with this More than Just a Spinach Salad from Annie's Eats. If I am still making this salad in 2016 though, send me a new recipe please.

I cannot wait to make this scrumptious looking Grilled Chicken, Peach, Blackberry and Basil summer pizza from How Sweet It Is Blog. Pure freakin' magic.

I often dream of the day that apartments and houses will start clean themselves. Until then, I'll start with these tips from Apartment Therapy on the Ten Household Items You Can Clean in a Minute (and probably should).

As I mentioned before, I love holidays. Mostly I love the food associated with holidays. I also love the cards. I was recently introduced to Just Wink and am obsessed. Just Wink is a greeting card company with cards in stores, on the web, and mobile apps. The cards are customizable - I sent one to Laura J. for her birthday this week and I was able to include a picture and my own signature. Check it out!

The most amazing photo of the week goes to Allyson Felix and Jeneba Tarmoh, the two 100 meter U.S. sprinters who had this incredible tie during the Olympic trials this week:

I don't have kids yet, but I am definitely filing away this idea for when I do. Every year for 13 years, from the day Brenna Martini started kindergarten until her recent high school graduation, her dad had all of Brenna's teachers, coaches, and principals to write a little something inside Dr. Seuss' "Oh the Places You Will Go." Talk about priceless and a labor of love.

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