Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lean On Me

Madewell Top/ J.Crew Skirt/ Joan and David Heels from DSW (similar)/ Necklaces from J.Crew (similar)and Anthropologie
C is for Messy Jess C
Hi friends! I must still be recovering from the 50K because the first photo of today's post makes it look like the brick wall is holding me up. So much for channeling my inner super model. Instead, you get super awkward Jess. That's what happens after not taking outfit photos for a few days I guess. (you also begin rhyming)

Anyhow, how are everybody's weeks going? I hope excellent. I am having fun taking a mini break from running and, instead, riding my bike, Bonita Blue (she is blue and Bonita is tattooed on the side of her, hence the name). 

If you follow me on Instagram you know some other highlights of my week were buying myself flowers and also chocolate dipped bananas because unlike Amy, I wasn't patient enough to melt chocolate and make chocolate dipped bananas for myself.

I also met up with my friend JD for dinner and suit shopping at Tyson's Corner on Tuesday night. The trip was great for several reasons. 1. JD and I were able to do some much-needed gossiping catching up 2. We ate at Coastal Flats - Yum! More bread please. 3. We found JD a good luck interview outfit at Ann Taylor for her interview on Friday (send good thoughts her way tomorrow) and 4. I resisted buying anything for myself - that's some real progress folks!

Anyhow, happy Thursday! See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites.
Messy Jess C.
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  1. Ahh, I LOVED shopping at Tyson's Corner when I went to college in Maryland :) Two malls in one place= shopping heaven!

    The Tiny Heart

    1. How great is that place! Thankfully I still live far enough away that I can't go there every week or I would be in big trouble. Hope you are having a great week Sharon!

  2. Jess is an amazing shopper & stylist (not a surprise at all! Thanks for your help! <3