Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Alma Awkward

Gap Tank/ AT Short/ Clark's Wedges

I love talking about my Alma Mater, The George Washington University, unless it is after an 18 mile run, when I am tired, hungry, and trying to get changed quickly in the front seat of my car.

I knew I would pretty gross after my run along the Delaware Canal this weekend, and also that I would want to swing by Starbucks for a snack and a coffee on my way home, so I brought along a change of clothes for after my run, which included a GW Cross Country shirt and, unfortunately for me, a pair of leggings. I changed into the shirt with no problems, but when you are a hot, sweaty, tired, and hangry mess, changing into a pair of tight pants is not easy, especially when you are trying to do that sitting in the driver's seat of a Honda Civic Coupe. I managed to get the leggings up most of the way, but I knew I would have to get out of the car to make my final adjustments. So, with my shirt tucked into the top of my tights, which were still not pulled up to where they needed to be, I stepped out of my car, hoping to make my final adjustments without being noticed. No such luck.

At that very moment, I heard a man's voice ask me if I go to GW. I looked up and he was standing about 3 feet away from me. How long had he been there? Awkward, but I didn't know what else to do, so I answered his question with, I went to GW and graduated almost a decade ago, while unbunching my tights. Turned out his daughter is a senior in high school and is interested in going to GW, but if I had been properly dressed, I think I could have been a better representative for my school. Oh well.

Anyhow, the rest of the weekend went off without a hitch. Jesse and I got to spend time with my family, with Jesse's brother and my future sister-in-law who were in town for the weekend, and the rest of the weekend was dedicated to eating quality food, including a pizza party with my grandparents. Check out my weekend in pictures, including a picture of my grandmother's stylish leopard-print slippers (I'm not kidding when I tell you my grandmom is way cooler than me - she actually keeps up with the Kardashians), here.
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