Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Favorites

Do you know what makes you feel older? When your younger sister who didn't have a drivers license when you left for college gets an invitation to her 10 year high school reunion. Nuts. Anyhow, speaking of getting old, and speaking of my sister, this weekend we get to celebrate Ilyssa's 28th birthday :-). Woo hoo!

I hope all of you have fun weekend plans also! Here are my favorites from around the web as we head into the weekend.

My favorite styles of the week:

I can't wait to test out these tasty treats:

Dairy-Free Chocolate Ice Cream from The Londoner

8 minute mini cinnamon rolls from Iowa Girl Eats

French Toasted Angel Food Cake from Better Homes and Gardens

Pesto Chicken Salad from Vmac & Cheese

Several people have asked me what Jesse and I did for our anniversary. The answer: we bummed around DC and our apartment and loved every second of it. We slept in (I can't remember the last time this has happened), went running and worked out, ate lunch in Georgetown, and then hung out at home before going out for dinner and coming home again to watch 21 Jump Street (hilarious if you haven't seen it). While we were at home in the middle of the day, I put up our new shower curtain liner (exciting, I know) and Jesse organized and cleaned out the fridge so I didn't have to "see anything gross" (best husband ever). Now that the fridge is clean, I hope to keep it that way, especially now that I have these tips for organizing the fridge to save money and time from Apartment Therapy.

Speaking of cleaning, have you cleaned your office lately? This post from Apartment Therapy will have you cleaning in no time ladies (I am scrubbing down my desk with clorox right now). Turns out all of our stylish purses and laptop cases contribute to a germ infestation in our offices. Gross.

My fellow bloggers, you are welcome for finding this post from A Beautiful Mess containing 10 blog layout tips. After I post this, I am already rethinking mine.

Also for you bloggers and those of you thinking of creating a blog. Check out these five easy ways to drive traffic to your blog from Vmac + Cheese.

Looking to lose weight and get fit without much effort? Unfortunately, I can't help you there, but these tips from the Londoner's Anti Diet are a good start to help us all get on the right track.

It's Friday. It may have been a long week for you. Now, it's time to relax with a glass of wine. So how do you choose a wine that's tasty and not too hard on your wallet also? Check out these options for just $20 from the New York Time's Dining and Wine.

Such a cute way to tell people what to expect when you're expecting:

Please Jesse, can we get one?

Parking in most cities can be a real pain in the you know what. Thankfully for the worst driving city in the nation (yep, the place I call home, DC) hope is on the way. A new grant from the Federal Highway Administration is going to make way for an app that tells you what parking spaces are open. Hooray!

Happy Friday. See you all next week!
Messy Jess C.
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