Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Favorites

It's that time of week again. Friday. Time for Friday favorites. Here's a round-up of my favorite web finds from the week. Enjoy! See you all next week.

When I was little and watched Sesame Street religiously, one of my favorite characters was the cookie monster. I felt like we were kindred spirits because of our deep love and appreciation for cookies. Today, I am excited to share my friend's famous cookie dough recipe from Big Bird's Busy Book from the 1970s. You can view a more reader-friendly version here.

We live in a one bedroom apartment where closet space fills up quickly (usually with my stuff). Thankfully, these 15 over the door solutions from Apartment Therapy may help make some more room to fit one more j.crew skirt in our closet comfortably.

Can you believe summer is almost over? Don't get me wrong, I love the fall - pumpkin spice lattes, marathon season, leaves changing color - but it doesn't mean I am ready to give up on the summer just yet. I may need to invest in this Endless Summer print from Society 6 by Melanie Alexandra to help extend my summer just a little bit longer.

I have been envious of every blogger that already has this necklace. A big thanks to Liz over at 26 and Counting for finding this excellent knock-off. Once I get my own teardrop knock off, I too will be a cool blogger...right?

How fun is this look? I love the Chambray with the bright green. Go Kendi! (as usual)

This look is a bit more subdued. Must find these boots.

Or maybe these...
Why didn't I think of this brilliant idea before for Cinnamon Roll Waffles? Oh well, at least Kaela from Cookin' and Kickin' did.

I've never liked real oatmeal. The most I can stomach are the packets of oatmeal that only taste good because they are loaded with sugar. This recipe for blueberry banana baked oatmeal from Budget Bytes, however, may be a game changer. Yummm....

My sister actually found this tasty recipe for vegan chili mac 'n' cheese casserole from Healthful Pursuit. I cannot wait to test this out this fall.

Does anyone else feel like their phone is always about to die? Fear no longer friends, just pick up this fancy schmancy charger that fits right into your bag.

Check out this crafty idea for all of you music lovers out there.

Think our landlady would go for this change in decor? I love!

I'll take all three:

Happy Weekend Friends! XO
Messy Jess C.
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