Monday, January 23, 2012

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Program

Good Monday morning! Did everyone have a nice weekend? I hope so!

Jesse and I were in Pennsylvania this weekend for a belated birthday celebration for my Dad. We were also lucky enough to make it up to my parents' house in time to shovel their driveway after getting a few inches of snow - how's that for timing? Other highlights of the weekend included brunch with my friend Amanda at the delicious Charcoal, Steaks, and Things, a much-needed haircut, and a three hour stint in Verizon which resulted in me finally joining the rest of the world in buying an iPhone.  Below is a mix of pictures from the weekend. Hope you enjoy them.

Also, it is Monday, which means, we are back to My Greatest Hit's ABC style challenge. We begin this week with the letter F for Feathers and Fur. I can honestly say that I had no clothing or accessories that fell into either category until yesterday afternoon when Ilyssa and I stopped into Ulta and we found a snazzy hair clip/pin with polka dotted feathers and I put together the following outfit.

Also, I was  hoping to start taking pictures outside today for you all since 1. we are running out of corners of the apartment to take pictures in, and 2. I thought we could all use some more exciting scenery, but Mother Nature had other plans, so hope you enjoy this photo of me with our bookshelf and a prom-like photo of Jesse and me for today.