Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Headgear and Housekeeping

Happy Hump Day! Today's ABC Style Challenge is H for Hats and Head wraps. As much as I love hats, headwraps, and other headgear, today's challenge makes me realize that I really don't own much of any of these things. I have a summer hat, a few outdoor winter hats, and some headbands, and no head wraps. The great thing about the ABC challenge though is it is forcing me to get creative with what I have. I am also happy the challenge is inspiring me to put together outfits using clothes I was beginning to get bored with.

Also, regarding the photos of my outfit, on the positive side, I finally got myself outside for pictures. On the flip side, I made the rookie mistake of standing with the sun to my side, resulting in washing half of my body out and making it appear as though I have no nose. I am sure as time goes by and I start tackling number eight on my 30 for 2012 list and that I will begin to take pictures that include all of my facial features and enable you to see the full outfit I pull together.

Besides hump day, hats and headwraps, H also stands for a couple Housekeeping items.

First, Messy Jess C. now has a Facebook page. If you just can't get enough Messy Jess C. you can "like" me on Facebook and read my daily updates there.

Second, as much as I love the standard Blogger templates, I would like to personalize my blog a bit. Since I know almost nothing about webpage design, I am hoping to hear from you guys with suggestions on how to make this happen, whether you know how to do this yourself and wouldn't mind passing along your knowledge, or you have recommendations for people you think I should reach out to (willing to swap my new cooking skills in exchange). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hope you all have a great day!


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