Saturday, January 7, 2012

Week In and End Review

Hi friends! Did you have a great weekend? Hope so!

My weekend was wonderful - filled with checking off things on my to-do list, going on a few dates with Jesse, running, hanging out with and catching up with friends, running errands, and eating some delicious food. Today also marks a week of blogging!

I understand that a week may not seem like a long time, but with seven days down, I only have 359 to accomplish everything on my 30 for 2012 list (thankfully we get an extra day with the leap year ;-)). I am also finding that although this blog is only a week old, it is helping me stay focused on achieving my 2012 goals, appreciate each and every day, be grateful for everything in my life, and enjoy every moment.

Below are some pictures from the weekend. Enjoy!

I finally got my car inspected and registered in DC! Never been so excited to have Taxation without Representation.
Delicious hot apple cider and snacks at Le Pain Quotidien with Laura
Yummy lunch at Surfside!
He makes the meal look even better.
What you would totally expect to find at a hardware store - a Deluxe Bacon Wallet and Cupcake Flavored Toothpaste.

Our actual hardware store purchase
After no coffee or Starbucks in a week, I celebrated with a Mocha. Delish!

What would a weekend be without a trip to Target?

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