Tuesday, January 10, 2012

EBEW: It's Black, It's White

What's black, white, and read all over? I will get to the answer of this question in a moment, but first, Happy Birthday Dad! Hope all of your birthday wishes come true. Thank you for all you do for me and our family. I love you.

Now on to the answer of my question...

As you are beginning to witness, I am usually up for a challenge. I am navigating my way through cooking, starting to bake more, running more track workouts, using my camera more and taking pictures each day, slowly becoming a better listener and working on complaining less. Now, for my latest challenge – Everybody Everywhere, or EBEW for short. 

EBEW is a blog that issues a style challenge once a month to enable bloggers to share their personal style and be inspired by other bloggers. This month’s challenge is Black and White. I have a ton of black and white in my closet, but this challenge was surprisingly much harder than I thought it would be. Most of my white clothing is part of my summer wardrobe and most of my black is in suit form – boring with a plain ol’ white shirt. I thought about including some color, but I wanted my first EBEW challenge to be authentic so I stuck with black and white and after an hour of pulling everything out of my closet, trying it on, putting it all back, rinsing and repeating, I came up with today’s outfit. Let me know what you think. Oh, and as for the answer to what's read all over? My blog of course...bah dah dum.

p.s. I apologize in advance for my totally awkward pose, poor quality photo, and lovely backdrop. I am hoping to start channeling my inner supermodel as I begin making my way through my Winter 30 for 30.


  1. How cute are you!? Love that outfit!

  2. Love the outfit!! You did great wiht the challenge!

    Sarah from The House That Ag Built

  3. Cute top under the jacket. Love how the necklace pulls everything together.

  4. Amazing sweater! I'm visiting from EBEW and would love for you to join my ABC's of Style challenge at http://fashionsgreatesthits.blogspot.com/

  5. Love your top and cardi. :) Lovely, eh.

    Cathy@Internet: Useful or Destructive?