Friday, January 13, 2012

Wined and Dined

If you are wondering why I haven't posted many pictures of my adventures in cooking and recipes this week, it's because I haven't done much cooking. Don't worry - I haven't decided to give up just yet. Jesse and I are just lucky enough to have been wined and dined since Wednesday, starting with a home-cooked dinner with friends.

First, a little bit about our friends, hosts, and chefs Laura and Jeff. I almost positive Jeff is a covert gourmet chef (he won't admit to it, but has made dinner for us before and that too was amazing), and Laura is able to memorize recipes off the top of her head - something I am not sure I will ever be able to accomplish.

Laura and Jeff invited a few of us over for a dinner of pumpkin bisque, spinach salad, and spring vegetable ragout, followed by a dessert of donuts and ice cream, and everything was super tasty! So, although I cannot take any credit for their dishes, I felt that I had to share their recipes with you, and Laura and Jeff were kind enough to share them with me so I can do just that. You can view their recipes for the spinach salad, pumpkin soup, and spring vegetable ragout on my What's Cookin' page (if you are wondering how to make the donuts and ice cream, the recipe is actually very simple - find the closest Whole Foods and you can find them there).

After rolling out the door after our Wednesday night feast, our firm had a dinner dance yesterday evening. Since "dinner dance" was a bit too formal of a name for some of us around the office we nicknamed the event prom. I asked Jesse to be my prom date and thankfully he accepted. Once I had my date I set off to find, er borrow, a dress - thank you Ilyssa!  Next, the shoes - success at Target. Then the main event.

Prom was held at the Phoenix Park Hotel. Dinner was good! I always am a bit nervous with hotel food, but the salad wasn't bad, the dinner rolls were tasty, and the choices of salmon, beef, and the vegetarian option were very good. Because of my picky palate, I went with the veggie choice. It was a pastry stuffed with spinach and red pepper with a side of green beans and carrots and sweet potato mashed potatoes. It was pretty yummy.  Finally, for dessert we had a moist (sorry Liz), decadent chocolate cake - the perfect way to top off the meal, and I ate the entire thing!

Following the meal we got to rock out to Love Story. The duo had fantastic voices, and it turns out that I work at a firm of dancers - seriously, we would kick some serious bootie at a government relations dance competition!

Tonight we continue our wining and dining experience with dinner at another of our friends' house. They are also amazing cooks so I am hoping to have another delicious recipe to share with you all very soon.

Some Pictures from the week:

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