Thursday, April 5, 2012


I must have been really excited for, and focused on pulling everything together for Jesse's birthday because when I went to take a picture of yesterday's outfit the battery for my camera was completely dead. Thankfully I discovered this in the morning so I had all day to charge the battery for Jesse's birthday festivities. Fortunately, I also had a reserve outfit photo from an outfit last week for yesterday's post, but I liked my outfit yesterday so I was determined to get some photos.

I began taking "photos" with my iPhone. Turns out, they don't turn out as nicely as the cherry blossoms did on the phone:

So after work, I took a few photos. I was actually excited because I thought the evening light might be more flattering.Unfortunately I thought wrong. The results weren't much better:

Forever XXI Blazer/ AT Tank (similar)/ Thrifted AT Loft Skirt (similar)/ Target Shoes (similar)
Anyhow, more important than this outfit is Jesse had a very happy birthday. Thank you all for sending him birthday messages and Facebook posts! You all are the best.

We celebrated at Breadsoda. If you live in the DC area and haven't tried this place out, please do! The decor is fun, the service is great, the food is tasty, everything is reasonably priced (for DC), and they have pool tables, shuffle board tables, and dart boards.

Shifting gears a bit, tomorrow is the first night of Passover and Sunday is Easter. Stay tuned for tomorrow's Friday Favorites: Spring Holiday Edition. Hope you all have a great Thursday!


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  1. That printed skirt is so cute and I love it with your layered necklaces! I think your iphone photos came out pretty well. I have a Droid and it's impossible to take outfit photos with!

    The Tiny Heart