Wednesday, April 18, 2012

You Grow Girl

Forever XXI Blazer/ Calvin Klein Dress from Burlington Coat Factory (similar)/ Joan & David Shoes from DSW (similar)/ Etsy Pearl Necklace/ Similar Blue Belt (can't remember)
Hello my friends! How are you all today? Do you like the beautiful plants I took a photo with this morning? I planned that especially for you.

Ok, you caught me. I didn't, but I do think they complement today's outfit nicely.

The owners of the apartment building Jesse and I live in have been planning a garden behind our apartment for several years. Yes, you read that right. Years.

At first it was just a patch of land with lots of overgrown vines. It was then cleared and became a patch of dirt and mulch. Then it sat and began growing weeds. Now it is back to a patch of dirt with bags of potting soil on top of it. I expect the next step is to plant these babies in the patch of dirt using the bags of soil (I know, I know, I should have become a detective!).

Anyhow, it was nice being able to add a bit of color to this morning's photo. Maybe I should try to color coordinate more often, but who knows what I could come up with.

Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday!

Messy Jess C.
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  1. Jess you always have the best professional attire! I love that cream dress, so chic. And that's kind of funny that your neighbors are taking so long to get the garden going.

    The Tiny Heart

  2. You look so cute and professional!!!


  3. Great look. Loving the blue shoes and those plants are pretty and go well with your outfit! haha