Monday, April 30, 2012

Welcome to the Jungle

Target Blazer (similar)/ Similar Scarf/ J.Crew Factory Skirt/ AT Tank (similar)/ Steve Madden Flats (similar)
Guess where this scarf is from. Never mind. It would be rude for me to make you wait in suspense, so I will just tell you - Whole Foods!

Turns out they not only have delicious food, making a busy work day's dinner a whole lot easier, but they also have some of the best affordable pieces of clothing. I bought this lovely giraffe print scarf and a mint green t-shirt for a total of $30. Not too shabby.

Anyhow, did you all have wonderful weekends or are you so excited for my Spring 30 for 30 to begin tomorrow that you just couldn't wait for this work week to get here?

Have a great Monday friends!

Messy Jess C.
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  1. Wow! I'd never expect to find something like that at Whole Foods. It's really cute!

  2. Who knew Whole Foods had clothes?! The giraffe print is super cute! I'm looking forward to your 30x30 :)

    The Tiny Heart