Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Coffee Talk

My Coffee Shop Outfit: J.Crew Dress/ Target Tights/ Target Shoes
I recently started doing some of my work from various Starbucks around the city. I am learning coffee houses are interesting places. They are filled with all kinds of people - the staff, people heading to work, people about to take a long road trip, parents with their kids, the people who are working on the next big idea, and the random person watching movie after movie on their computer. 

Occasionally I am lucky enough to eavesdrop on witness, and, in rare instances, be a part of an entertaining conversation. This may make me sound like a terrible person, but really it's a good thing because I can pass these conversations along to you, and hopefully put a smile on your lovely faces.

Story #1: Heated -

A few weeks ago I was waiting for my gingerbread latte. A woman who had ordered before me picked up her coffee at the bar and walked out of the store. Two minutes later she came storming back in and began yelling at the barista. The reason? Her coffee wasn't exactly 140 degrees.

Story #2: Arnold - 

Another time, I was furiously typing on my computer and minding my own business until I heard one man say to another, "you know, I could be a body builder if I wanted to." Mind you, the man who was talking maybe weighed 145 lbs. soaking wet.

Story #3: Betty Crocker - 

And these gems of conversations don't just happen between customers. Earlier in the winter, DC was in the middle of a wave of warm weather. I decided it was too nice for a hot coffee so I decided to get a chocolate smoothie instead. I ordered my drink and the barista said "umm...ok...hold on." She walked to the back of the store and came back a few minutes later with the Starbucks recipe book - yep, that's a real thing. I asked her if she had ever made a chocolate smoothie before as she held the book an inch from her face, closely examining recipe. She peered over the book and said "can you tell?" Ummm...yes, yes I can.

It's turning out to be fun spending some time out of the office and working in environments where I am surrounded by many different kinds of people. It also makes for much more exciting blog posts. I wonder what other inspirational mid-day sites I will stumble upon.

Oh, and what does the content of this post have to do with the outfit pictures? Very little actually, except that I wore this outfit to Starbucks.

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  1. I love sitting in Starbucks! It's always entertaining. You should try the Barnes and Noble coffee area too. I used to go there to study when I was working on a certification for work. Needless to say, I didn't get much studying done!!
    Rare Nonsense