Monday, January 14, 2013

Fire Hazard

First, the outfit...
Banana Sweater (similar)/ Gap Top (similar)/ J.Crew Factory Skirt (similar)/ Target Tights/ Me Too Shoes from DSW (similar)/ J.Crew Necklace

Now, on to more important things, like birthdays.

For those of you who don't know, birthdays and holidays are a big deal in my family. We even have a set of unspoken rules - each person gives the guest of honor no less than two cards each and each card and envelope must be decorated and include a thoughtful note. We also go all out with birthday meals. They are excessive and delicious, and always include dessert, usually more than one. So, when my dad turned 65 last week, we followed our family tradition and went all out to celebrate his big day. This included my sister and I getting him a black forest cake, his favorite.

When someone turns 65, however, birthday cakes start becoming fire hazards and eyebrows have the potential to get singed. As was almost the case this year. Thankfully no one was hurt in the process of this celebration, but you can see by the look on my sister's face, she was rethinking the number of candles she had put on the cake.

From now on, we may begin using those candles that say a number instead of trying to put that number of candles on a cake, making it easier to light, blow out, and less of a liability...but it may not be as fun, so maybe we won't.

Anyhow, what a great weekend at home! What did you all do this weekend?

Check out the rest of the pictures from this past weekend and many more on my instagram page here.


  1. I love birthdays! It's great that your family goes all out to celebrate!

  2. too funny. the look on your sister's face is priceless!

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