Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Welcome to my Layer

J.Crew Blazer/ J.Crew Factory Sweater/ Madewell Button-down/ AT pants/ shoes
When the temperature is 20 degrees, and with the windchill it actually feels like 9 degrees, it becomes a struggle to create a fashionable outfit that protects one from the elements. My solution? Add layer upon layer upon layer. You may look and feel like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, but at least you stay warm.

For example, when I got dressed for my run this morning, I wore my SmartWool socks (can't leave home without them these days), running tights, a long-sleeve base layer shirt, a long-sleeve pullover top, an insulated running jacket, a base layer of gloves, my glovens (also a must in the winter), a gator, and a polar fleece hat.

If it were acceptable to wear the same to work, I would, but unfortunately with back to back meetings, I didn't think it was the direction I should choose, so instead I went with these pants, (Jesse's) wool socks, shoes that cover my entire foot, a silk button-down, a crew neck sweater, and a wool blazer.

The only downside is that if I continue piling on clothes at this rate, I am going to run out of layers pretty quickly if the temperatures stay this low.

How do you dress to face the elements?


  1. im right there with ya... layers, layers, layers. i think what works best that never looks that bulky is exactly what you did here - button-down, sweater, blazer. i wore a very similar outfit monday (except with a dress) and the temp was even colder than where you live but i was definitely warm enough!

  2. Great outfit! You're perfect inspiration for work style (which I totally need!) Wanted to let you know that I’m hosting a weekly link party again, and I’d love for you to join!