Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Favorites

Happy First Friday of the New Year! Time for the first Friday Favorites of 2013...

Favorite article of clothing: This pear sweater from, where else? J.Crew

My favorite outfit of the week comes from Classy Confessions blog.

Favorite Video: Gangnam Style has not gone out of style in our apartment and our love for the song was only reinforced with this video.

While we are on the subject of videos. Jesse and I discovered quite possibly the worst video ever made last night - the movie Delta Force starring Chuck Norris and Lee Marvin (tied only with the commercial  advertising Blu electronic cigarettes featuring Stephen Dorff that was shown during one of the movie's commercial breaks). Therefore my Favorite Worst Video or Movie goes to The Delta Force:

Favorite Discovery of the Week: 17 things I didn't know about Disney's The Little Mermaid.

Fact #15 - Ursula's character was based on the drag character Divine:

Favorite Bedding (of course in yellow and gray):

Favorite recipes of the week:

Easy Homemade Pretzel Bites from Modern Day Moms
Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Brownies from the Nonpareil Baker
Homestyle Chicken and Noodles from Iowa Girl Eats
Apple Pumpkintini from Eat. Drink. Love.

Favorite Holiday Time Card:

How did USATF get my ahold of my wishlist?

Favorite postcard of the week:

Does this happen to anybody else?

Favorite quote of the week:

Favorite analogies written by high school students:

Favorite products of the week goes to this Magnetic case for the iPad - would make using the iPad to hold recipes and cooking so much more enjoyable!

And this clever iPhone case from PhotoJoJo:

Finally, my favorite photo of the week goes to this little cutie:

Doesn't she just melt your heart?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, which hopefully includes the premier of Downton Abbey's Third Season this Sunday (I told you I was quite obsessed). See you next week!


  1. Um, this is not entirely on topic, but THANK YOU for the Downton reminder! I'd somehow totally spaced that it's coming up already. Must get prepared!

    1. I cannot wait! Will have to discuss after the season premiere!

  2. Ok, I need to have that puppy RIGHT NOW!
    I also need to get caught up on Downton Abbey - I haven't watched season 2 yet!

    1. I know, right? She melts my heart! Also, let me know when you get caught up on Downton Abbey. So obsessed! Hope you are having a great weekend Andi!