Friday, February 10, 2012

Boy Oh Boy

J.Crew Shirt (similar)/ Thrifted Skirt (similar)/ Gap Belt (similar)/ Target Tights (similar)/ booties from

If I were still in high school, today's ABC Style Challenge - T for Tomboy wouldn't have been an issue for me. I loved wearing baggy jeans, salvation army t-shirts, covering my hair with a colorful bandana, wearing mismatched colorful socks with my Birkenstocks, and I hadn't a clue how to put on makeup. Also, most of my friends were guys, so I fit in pretty well.

Things have changed a bit since high school. I actually care about my appearance now. I traded in my cargos and tees for J.Crew, Ann Taylor, and Banana. I figured out how to style, or at least straighten, my hair (still working on the curling iron) so I could put away the bandanas. My sister gave me a tutorial on how to put on makeup and now I can't go a day without it. And I now work in an industry that requires me to dress fairly conservatively and professionally.

So the outfit you see today combines my two worlds - a bit quirky and tomboyish while being professional at the same time, with the exception of today's hair style. I call it the running behind schedule style. TGIF. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. This is so simple and chic, and says "tomboy" in an understated kind of way. Love it!

  2. Great outfit combo. The colors look awesome together!