Sunday, February 12, 2012

Heart Attack

Just a couple more days until Valentine's Day but I used this weekend as an opportunity to celebrate a bit early. My sister came to DC this weekend and being the sisters we are, we used the two days to do a whole bunch of stuff...

Dinner at Whole Foods...

Starbucks. A 10 mile run through the park. Another Sweet Potato Pizza with Kale and Carmelized Onions... the recipe calls for one cup of kale but Ilyssa made sure we may never have to buy kale again (if you know of any kale recipes, please pass them along!)...

Sushi dinner...

Two new 30 for 30 outfits...
As much as I would like to say I learned how to use a curling iron this weekend, the credit for my lovely do goes to Ilyssa.

And a Valentine's Day brunch with some of our friends! Stay tuned for upcoming brunch recipes.

I would call that a fun, productive, and perfect weekend. Hope your weekend was lovely too!

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  1. I found a fun kale recipe for you.

    Now...I've never made these before...but the recipe sounded interesting, so I thought I would share. I hope they're good. :)


    1. Hi Rachel! Thank you for the recipe. I am excited to test out my kale chip skills. I haven't made them before but hear they are delicious so if this works out well, this might revolutionize snack time for me. Thanks again!

  2. How am I just now realizing you're in DC? I am, too!

    Oh, and I adore kale. I love just sauteeing it with a bit of olive oil & sea salt & maybe some fresh garlic and mixing it with some red kidney beans. Smitten kitchen also has a great chard strata and I've subbed kale in its place.

    1. Oh - and I LOVE kale chips (drizzle on some olive oil/sea salt/pepper and bake). Mmm.

    2. Yes! I love DC. This is my lucky 13th year in the District. We definitely need to discuss favorite restaurants, shops, etc! Also, thank you for the recipes. I am excited to test these out.