Monday, February 20, 2012

First Lady

Happy Presidents' Day! Today I thought I would pay tribute to our first President. After all, I am a GW alumnus and my dad graduated from George Washington High School. How could he not be my favorite?

I thought about dressing up like George, but sadly, I didn't have any articles of clothing in my 30 for 30 mix that would make this work, so instead I decided to make a coconut chocolate pie. I know you are wondering how this fits in with Presidents' Day but stick with me... (and ignore the poor photo quality - it was a busy day)

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Cardigan - thrifted/ J.Crew T-Shirt/ Target Necklace/ Joe's Jeans Corduroys/ Gap Flats
George was married to Martha Dandridge Custis and once they married, according to Wikipedia, his property holdings and social standing greatly increased. You might say he became richer. So, on this Presidents' Day to honor our first President and Martha I made a RICH coconut chocolate pie from a MARTHA Stewart recipe. Am I stretching it?

Well, I cannot tell a lie (another bad joke?). Our friends Amy and Cliff came over tonight for dinner and I thought this would be the perfect dessert.

Anyhow, I hope you had a great day and that you have a chance to check out the super easy and delicious recipe for Martha Stewart's Crisp Coconut Chocolate Pie on my What's Cookin' page. More delicious recipes coming soon!

Finally, Congrats to all of the ABC Style Challenge participants and a huge thanks to Kayla for hosting this fun challenge! Today the challenge ended with Z for Zebra. Check out all of today's looks and other styles from throughout the challenge on My Greatest Hits blog.

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  1. I'm not much for coconut, but I'm drooling over that chocolate!! Yum!

    Also love your necklace!