Saturday, February 18, 2012

State of the Running

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A few weeks ago, the President gave his annual State of the Union Address to update us all on the state of our nation, and although I may not pick up quite as many views as the Commander in Chief, today, I give you my State of the Running.

Fellow runners, bloggers, Messy Jess C. readers, distinguished guests, and fellow Americans:

It has been over a month since I updated you on my training and since then I have signed up for three very different races - a sprint, running a leg in the 4x800m as part of the 2012 USA Masters Indoor Track and Field Championships, the Kentucky Derby Marathon, and the 50K as part of the North Face Endurance Challenge.

I am pleased to report that the state of my running and training is getting stronger. As you may recall, last month I ran struggled through my first track workout in nine years. It was painful, difficult, and frustrating. I made the decision, however, to keep up with the training.

In the past month and a half, I have stumbled a few times. During a ladder workout, the only portion I forgot to run was the 800m. After running 200m 16 times I could barely walk and needed to take off from workouts for a week. My times haven't been consistent. Still, I make myself head to the track once a week and complete each workout. Our team has its uniforms and will be getting pink ribbons to wear in our hair (who says you can't be fashionable during a race?). Finally, I signed up for the relay and booked my airfare so there is no turning back now. Look out Indiana. We will see you on March 17th!

To complicate things a bit, I also began training for the Kentucky Derby Marathon which will take place on Saturday, April 28. I am following the Runner's World training calendar for intermediate runners to hopefully successfully complete marathon number 17 and add another state to my list (my ultimate goal is to run in all 50 states). I am also signed up to run the 50K race in the DC North Face Endurance Challenge for the second time on June 2.

The complication comes from training for a sprint, while at the same time getting in enough mileage for a marathon and 50K, as well as training on trails for the endurance race. I have my strong running weeks, but my legs are a bit confused which makes for some tough runs.

So in the next few weeks this journey moves forward. I know with your support and encouragement, however, the future is hopeful and the state of my running will always be strong.

Thank you and good night.

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