Monday, February 27, 2012


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AT Shirt (similar)/ Target Cardigan (similar)/ J.Crew Skirt/ Target Tights (similar)/ Me Too Shoes from DSW (similar)/ Charming Charlie Necklace (similar)
Do you know what helps you quickly get over a tex-mex food kick? Running a 14-mile training run shortly after eating Rosa Mexicano tortilla chips and breakfast tacos...cures you real quickly.

Still, our Rosa Mexicano breakfast was just one part of our DC area staycation this past weekend, which consisted of more great food, a trip to the movies, a visit to the Peeps store, and a bit of shopping. We had so much fun! You can see some pictures from our staycation on my instagram page. These were taken until my phone died, which I took as a sign to quit worrying about taking pictures and begin fully enjoying our staycation.

What fun things did you all do this weekend?

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1 comment:

  1. Your staycation sounds so fun! I love DC, there's so many great things to do there. I did some shopping at Target this weekend and got a few new pieces. :)

    The Tiny Heart