Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Piece of Cake

Gap Turtleneck (similar) / J. Crew Skirt/ Target Tights (similar)

You may have noticed that my basic work "uniform" consists of a top and skirt. There are two reasons for this - 1. it is quick and easy to pull together, and 2. it is easy for me to come up with lots of different combinations so I don't end up repeating outfits too often and, in theory, I don't spend more money than necessary on clothing because of the hypothetical plethora of outfits I am pulling together.

Today's ABC Style Challenge - Q for Quick fits well with my approach to work outfits. I also went with the bumble bee look for day seven of 30 for 30 because I wanted to introduce you to one of my favorite skirts. Everybody, meet my skirt. Skirt, meet everybody. Now that we are all better acquainted, get ready to see this yellow beaut more often.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Love the bright yellow skirt!

  2. Holy moly, that skirt is so so awesome! My guess was J.Crew. :)

    lace, etc.

  3. Oh wow you are so gorgeous with this outfit!

    Mary, MI

  4. Nice to meet you skirt. You look great on Jess :) Turtlenecks and long necklaces are my way to do quick and easy too.