Friday, February 3, 2012


Today I have the privilege of getting reacquainted with my pink j.crew button-down shirt.

I bought myself and my bridesmaids this shirt to wear while we got ready for the wedding and since then I have only worn it a handful of times - that's a handful of times in the past SIX months. So, I decided that in order to make myself wear it more and come up with different ways to style it that it would be a good piece to include in my Winter 30 for 30. Also, conveniently, today's ABC Style Challenge is O for Closet Orphan a.k.a. wear something that's been hanging in the back of your closet for a while that you forgot about - perfect.

J. Crew Blazer (similar blazer)/ J.Crew Button-down (similar shirt)/ Gap pants/ Nine West shoes (similar)
Finally, let me explain today's "photo shoot" with you. This is the result of running behind schedule, being blinded by the sun, and having a photographer who was dragged out of bed to take exactly one photo.

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  1. The layered necklace and the flower are so fun to dress up a basic black and white outfit.