Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Maroon 3

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AT Sweater (similar)/ Thrifted Skirt (similar)/ Target Tights (similar)/ Me Too Shoes from DSW (similar)

The Facts:

I love Maroon 5. I listened to Maroon 5 before they were Maroon 5 (the Kara's Flowers days). In 2003 I listened to Songs About Jane and watched the video for "This Love" on repeat for months. I have seen the band in concert several times - almost getting asked to leave before one concert after dealing with a grumpy ticket employee (please believe me that it was his fault and if still don't want to believe me, ask my friend Amanda. She will back me up.) but then instead getting tickets closer to the stage (thanks to Amanda). I am a loyal watcher of The Voice, in part because of Adam Levine. I believed, before meeting Jesse of course, that Adam Levine and I would make an adorable couple.

You get the point. I am a big fan. So, with all of the maroon I am wearing today, it only seemed logical that I title this post Maroon 3 (Since I only have three articles of Maroon clothing - the sweater, tights, and shoes) and dedicate this post to one of the best bands out there.

Have a great Tuesday everybody!

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