Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Winter 30 for 30

Happy first day of February everybody! Hope your days are off to lovely starts. In addition to it being the first day of leap month, and temperatures in DC reaching the 70 degree mark, today also marks the start of my winter 30 for 30.

The rules are simple. Choose 30 items from your closet and make 30 outfits with them. I also choose not to shop during 30 for 30 so I can figure out 1. how to use what I already own to make outfits 2. figure out what articles of clothing I should get rid of, and 3. figure out what I really need when I begin shopping at the end of 30 days.

My 30 for 30 includes weekends. Regarding the articles of clothing I choose for the 30 for 30, I count articles of clothing that can be seen as an item. I also don't count shoes or accessories as part of my 30 items. Finally, suits count as one article of clothing.

So, without further adieu, below, I give you my 30 items for my Winter 30 for 30. If you know how to count, you will notice that one item is missing. It's a gray cardigan that is currently at the dry cleaner.

From left to right:
  1. Black Target Blazer
  2. Dark Gray J.Crew Blazer
  3. Light Gray J.Crew Blazer
  4. Gray and Yellow Old Navy Sweater
  5. White Old Navy Sweater
  6. Fuchsia J.Crew Sweater
  7. Striped Madewell Sweater
  8. Gray thrifted cardigan
  9. Blue J.Crew Sweater
  10. Maroon Ann Taylor Sweater
  11. White J.Crew T-Shirt
  12. Pink J.Crew Button-down
  13. White Ann Taylor Button-down
  14. J.Crew Chambray Shirt
  15. Black Gap Turtleneck
  16. Black J.Crew Dress
  17. Gray Suit
  18. Black Benetton Suit
  19. Silver-Purple Ann Taylor Skirt
  20. Black thrifted Pencil Skirt
  21. Blue J.Crew Flair Skirt
  22. Gold J.Crew Pencil Skirt
  23. Tan J.Crew Flair Skirt
  24. Pink J.Crew Pencil Skirt
  25. Black Banana Republic Skinny Jeans
  26. Black Gap Cropped Pants
  27. Wide-Leg Gap Jeans
  28. Green Skinny Courdoroy Pants
  29. Blue Ann Taylor Pants
  30. Missing from photo - Gray Target Cardigan

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  1. Found you on ABC Style Challenge. Im doing a Winter 30x30 right now too. Check it out. Cant want to see all your looks.