Monday, February 13, 2012


Can you tell which woman is me out of the following two pictures?

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J.Crew Button-down (similar shirt)/J.Crew Sweater (similar sweater)/J.Crew Flair Skirt/Target Tights (similar tights)/ EllenTracy Loafers purchased at DSW (similar shoes)/ Sarah White Jewelry Pearl Necklace on

I know it may be difficult to tell since both of us have nailed the 80's preppette look, complete with the collared shirt underneath a sweater paired with a flair skirt, but I'm the one in the second picture. You can tell because instead of standing on the lawn of a beautiful estate I am standing behind our apartment next to the garbage and recycling bins (I was thoughtful and cropped them out of this picture for you). Jesse also would never be caught dead in a sport coat and orange shorts. Hope you like outfit 13 of my Winter 30 for 30. Happy Monday!

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  1. Apparently, we both went for the "preppy" look yesterday. I mentioned you in my post. :)